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 Is The Bible God's Words? - Contradictions

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Is The Bible God's Words? - Contradictions Empty
PostSubject: Is The Bible God's Words? - Contradictions   Is The Bible God's Words? - Contradictions Puces_11Sat Jun 14, 2008 9:56 am

Is the Bible God's Words? It is really important to start with this question due to the fact that it is essential to have an authentic base to start our discussion. My friend, let me be frank with you and ask you these questions:
-how many versions of the Bible are available nowadays?

-Who has the authority to make any changes in the Bible; whether deletion or addition?
-Do you know that King James' version 1611 was changed in 1952 with fifty verses changes?
-In 1971 a number of verses where deleted, who did that?
-My friend, let me make it short and ask you what would be the answer to this list of Biblical contradictions?
If you feel you can explain one or two, how are you going to explain the rest; although the following are not all the contradictions in the Bible, I am only mentioning the topics and the verses that contradict with one another:

Open The Bible Please !

God good to all, or just a few?
PSA 145:9 JER 13:14

War or Peace?
EXO 15:3 ROM 15:33

Who is the father of Joseph? Jacob Or Heli?
MAT 1:16 LUK 3:23

Who was at the Empty Tomb?
Was it: Mary Magdalene and the other Mary Or Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James, and Salome Or Mary Magdalene?
MAT 28:1 MAR 16:1 JOH 20:1

Which first--beasts or man?
GEN 1:25 GEN 1:26 GEN 2:18 GEN 2:19

The number of beasts in the ark?
GEN 7:2 GEN 7:8 GEN 7:9

How many stalls and horsemen?
KI1 4:26 CH2 9:25

Is it folly to be wise or not?
PRO 4:7 ECC 1:18 1 Cor.1:19:

Human vs. ghostly impregnation?
ACT 2:30 MAT 1:18

The sins of the father?
ISA 14:21 DEU 24:16

The bat is not a bird and what should be eaten?
LEV 11:13 LEV 11:14 LEV 11:15 LEV 11:16
LEV 11:17 LEV 11:18 LEV 11:19 DEU 14:11
DEU 14:12 DEU 14:13 DEU 14:14 DEU 14:15
DEU 14:16 DEU 14:17 DEU 14:18

Insects do NOT have four feet?
LEV 11:21 LEV 11:22 LEV 11:23

Fowl from waters or ground?
GEN 1:20 GEN 1:21 GEN 2:19

The shape of the earth
ISA 40:22 MAT 4:8

Earth supported?
JOB 26:7 JOB 38:4

Order of creation?
Here is the order in the first (Genesis 1) and the order in (Genesis 2).
Note that there are "days", "evenings", and "mornings" before the Sun was created.
How orderly were things created?
How satisfied with creation was He?

Moses' personality
Num.12:3: Num.31:14, 17, 18

Righteous live?
Ps.92:12: Isa.57:1: Acts 1:18: Matt. 27:5-7:

Jesus' last words
Matt.27:46-50 Luke23:46 John19:30

Years of famine (seven years OR three years)?

Moved David to anger; (God OR Satan)?

In two places in the New Testament the genealogy of Jesus son of Mary (PBUH) is mentioned.
Matthew 1:6-16 and Luke 3:23-31. Each gives the ancestors of Joseph the CLAIMED husband
of Mary and Step father of Jesus.
The first one starts from Abraham (verse 2) all the way down to Jesus. The second one starts
from Jesus all the way back to Adam. The only common name to these two lists between David
and Jesus is JOSEPH, How can this be true? and also How can Jesus have a genealogy when all
Muslims and most Christians believe that Jesus had/has no father.

God can be seen?
Exod. 24:9-10 Amos 9:1 Gen. 26:2 John 14:9
Ex. 33:23 Ex. 33:11 Gen. 32:30

God CANNOT be seen?
John 1:18 Ex. 33:20 1 Tim. 6:16

Jer. 13:14 James 5:11 1 Chron. 16:34 Ps. 145:9
1 John 4:16

Gen 22:1 James 1:13

Judas died how?
Matt. 27:5 Acts 1:18

Ascend to heaven?
2 Kings 2:11 John 3:13

What was Jesus' prediction regarding Peter's denial?
Before the cock crow - Matthew 26:34
Before the cock crow twice - Mark 14:30

How many times did the cock crow?
MAR 14:72 MAT 26:74 MAT 26:75 LUK 22:60
LUK 22:61 JOH 13:38 JOH 18:27

Who killed Saul?
SA1 31:4 SA1 31:5 SA1 31:6 SA2 1:15

How many beatitudes in the Sermon on the Mount
MAT 5:3 MAT 5:4 MAT 5:5 MAT 5:6
MAT 5:7 MAT 5:8 MAT 5:9 MAT 5:10
MAT 5:11 LUK 6:20 LUK 6:21 LUK 6:22
LUK 6:23

Does every man sin?
KI1 8:46 PRO 20:9 ECC 7:20 JO1 1:10

Who bought potter's field
ACT 1:18 ACT 1:19 MAT 27:6 MAT 27:7 MAT 27:8

Who bears guilt?
GAL 6:2 GAL 6:5

Do you answer a fool?
PRO 26:4 PRO 26:5

How many children did Michal, the daughter of Saul, have?
SA2 6:23 "... no child" SA2 21:8 "...the five sons"

How old was Jehoiachin when he began to reign?
KI2 24:8 ".. eighteen years...three months.."
CH2 36:9 "...eight years ... three months and ten days.."

Proverbs 18:22 1 Corinthians 7 (whole book. See 1,2,27,39,40)

Where was Jesus three days after his baptism?
MAR 1:12 "...And immediately.."
JOH 1:35 "...the next day.."

How many apostles were in office between the resurrection and ascention?
1 Corinthians 15:5 (12) Matthew 27:3-5 (minus one from 12)
Acts 1:9-26 "Mathias not elected.." until after resurrection)
MAT 28:16

Whom did they see at the tomb?
MAT 28:2 MAT 28:3 MAT 28:4 MAT 28:5
MAR 16:5 LUK 24:4 JOH 20:12

Solomon's overseers?
550 in I Kings 9:23 250 in II Chron 8:10

When did Baasha die?
26th year of the reign of Asa I Kings 16:6-8
36th year of the reign of Asa I 2 Chron 16:1

How old was Ahaziah when he began to reign?
22 in 2 Kings 8:26
42 in 2 Chron 22:2
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Is The Bible God's Words? - Contradictions
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