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 The Victory of the Romans and the Lowest Point on Earth

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The Victory of the Romans and the Lowest Point on Earth Empty
PostSubject: The Victory of the Romans and the Lowest Point on Earth   The Victory of the Romans and the Lowest Point on Earth Puces_11Tue Jul 01, 2008 11:40 am

The Victory of the Romans and the Lowest Point on Earth The_Victory_of_the_Romans_and_the_Lowest_Point_on_Earth_001
In the early 7th century the two most powerful empires at the time were the Byzantine[1] and Persian Empires. In the years 613 - 614 C.E the two Empires went to war and the Byzantines suffered a severe defeat at the hands of the Persians. Damascus and Jerusalem both fell to the Persian Empire. In the chapter, The Romans, in the Holy Quran, it is stated that the Byzantines had met with a great defeat but would soon gain victory:
“The Romans have been defeated in the lowest land, but after their defeat they will soon be victorious. Within three to nine years. The decision of the matter, before and after, is with God.” (Quran 30:2-4)
These previous verses were revealed around 620 C.E, almost 7 years after the severe defeat of the Christian Byzantines at the hands of the idolater Persians in 613 – 614 C.E. Yet it was related in the verses in the Quran that the Byzantines would shortly be victorious. In-fact, Byzantine had been so heavily defeated that it seemed impossible even for the Empire to maintain its very existence, let alone be victorious again.
Not only the Persians but also the Avars, Slavs and Lombards (located to the North and West of the Byzantine Empire) posed serious threats to the Byzantine Empire’s Sovereignty. The Avars had come as far as the walls of Constantinople. The Byzantine Emperor, Heraclius, ordered the gold and silver in churches to be melted and turned into money inorder to meet the demanding expenses of the army. Many Governors had revolted against Emperor Heraclius, and the Empire was on the point of collapse. Mesopotamia, Syria, Palestine, Egypt and Armenia which early belonged to the Byzantine Empire were invaded by the Persians. In short, everyone was expecting the Byzantine Empire to be destroyed, but right at that moment the first verses of the chapter, The Romans, were revealed announcing that the Byzantines would regain triumph in a few years time.
Around 7 years after the revelation of the first verses of, The Romans, a decisive battle between The Byzantine Empire and the Persian Empire was fought atthe area around the Dead Sea, in Dec 627 C.E and this time the Byzantine army surprisingly defeated the Persians. A few months later, the Persians had to make an agreement with the Byzantines which obligated them to retain the territories they had taken from them. At the end, the victory of the Romans proclaimed by God in the Quran miraculously came through.
Another miracle revealed in the mentioned verses is the announcement of a geographical fact that could not be discovered by anyone in that period. In the third verse of the chapter, The Romans, it is mentioned that the Romans were defeated “in the lowest land” (Quran 30:3). The places where the main battles took place (in Damascus and Jerusalem) lie in a vast area of low-lying land called the Great Rift Valley. The Great Rift Valley is a vast 5000 km fault line in the earth’s crust that runs from northern Syria in the Middle-East of Asia to central Mozambique in East Africa. The northernmost extension runs through Palestine, Jordon, Lebanon and Syria. The Rift then extends south to the Gulf of Aden makes its way through East Africa then finally ending at the lower Zambezi River valley in Mozambique.
An interesting fact that has been discovered recently with the help of satellite images is that the area around the Dead Sea (located in the Great Rift Valley) has the lowest altitude on Earth, and that the lowest point on Earth is the shoreline of the Dead Sea with an altitude of around 400[2] below sea level. The fact that it lies at the lowest point means that water does not drain from the sea. No land point on earth has a lower altitude than the shoreline of the Dead Sea.[3]
The Victory of the Romans and the Lowest Point on Earth The_Victory_of_the_Romans_and_the_Lowest_Point_on_Earth_002
Dead Sea Rift Valley, Israel and Jordan October 1984. Seen from an altitude of 190 nautical miles (350 kilometers) in this near-vertical photograph, the Dead Sea Rift Valley slices south-north through the Middle East. The surface of the Dead Sea, 1292 feet (394 meters) below sea level, is the lowest point on Earth. (Courtesy: The Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center, Photo #: STS41G-120-56,
Therefore, it becomes clear that the meaning of the “lowest land” in the mentioned verse is the area surrounding the Dead Sea, in the Great Rift Valley. This is a true miracle of the Quran due to the fact that no one could have known or foreseen such a fact in the 7th century due to the fact that satellites and modern day technology were not available at the time. Once again, the only possible explanation is that Prophet Muhammad had truly received divine revelation from God, The Creator and Originator of the universe.


[1] The Arabs also refer to the Byzantines as the Romans.
[2] (
[3] (
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The Victory of the Romans and the Lowest Point on Earth
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